My top travel experiences this year

2016 has been pretty bloody amazing. I moved abroad and started working for an airline, achieving my dream of having a grown-up, fancy career and still travelling. Last year, I thought I balanced the two pretty well – you can read about how I spent over 50 days travelling while working full time to learn how you can do it too. This year though, I reckon I’ve outdone myself.

2017 travel highlights

It’s been a huge year for me and I can honestly go in to 2017 knowing I truly lived in 2016. I’ve carved a new life for myself in the Middle East, been fortunate enough to travel to a new place at least every month, and discovered the joy of solo travel – as well as taking some fabulous trips with loved ones and new friends.

Check out my top travel moments of 2016 and get inspired for the year ahead

1 Riding a camel around the pyramids of Giza


2 My first ever solo trip in beautiful Vienna

Can you believe this is a zoo!? Vienna's ancient zoo in the grounds of Schoenbrunn Palace makes for a gorgeous day out.

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3 Climbing Lion’s Peak in Cape Town at sunrise

4 Eating ALL OF THE CARBS and walking a million steps a day in Rome

Rome is a city for lovers 💕

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5 Seeing Hong Kong from above

6 Watching the sun go down in Sri Lanka


7 Drinking cocktails on a rooftop in Budapest


8 Getting lost in Malta’s charming Three Cities

You could get lost for days in #Malta's labyrinth of alleyways lined with shutters and curious doorways.

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9 Sailing past the cliffs of Oman

Who wants to sail away with me to this super luxe resort on the Musandam Coast in Oman? Just imagine it after sundown! 💕

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10 Staying at Seaham Hall in North East England

Wandering the grounds at @seahamhall #hotel.

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11 Moving to Dubai!

Happy Friday! #lostindubai #dametraveler

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12 Being reminded of the beauty of my home, Isle of Man

Days like this make me wonder why I ever left Isle of Man.

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You can follow me on Instagram to see how the adventures continue in 2017. I’m already working on my travel itinerary! Are any of my top travel moments of this year on your bucket list?