OOTW: Pub Lunch Casual

Full disclosure: I am not a trainers kinda girl. In fact, I’m a big advocate for the policy that it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. I’ll usually pick a summer dress and wedges over jeans and flats and when I was younger, I hated unexpectedly ending up in a bar while wearing anything short of a six inch heel. However, I’m not 19 anymore and sometimes you just want to be comfy – and look good.

Until last week, the only ‘comfy’ shoes I owned were a succession of Converse pumps. They were my hangover shoes, my weekend city break shoes, and the only ‘sporty’ piece of footwear I owned. But I’d kind of fell in love with another shoe, and decided it was time to cheat on my teenage sweethearts.

Outfit of the week: Adidas Cloudfoam and comfy knit

My new loves are these Adidas Cloudfoam trainers from DW Sports. They’re SO comfy, I don’t even know who I am anymore. I can’t wait to take them to Bucharest next week and see how they hold up. And they go with everything!

Adidas black trainers

I gave them their first outing the day Tom arrived in Isle of Man and paired them with my black skinny Topshop jeans which definitely need to be re-bought because they’ve got that lovely greying look to them after a few too many spins in the washing machine, and an oversized knit jumper that I wear all the time. Pub lunch chic was completed by my (almost still pristine) white Micheal Kors bag and favourite sunnies.

It was a gorgeous day so after wolfing down a plate of nachos bigger than both our heads put together, we sat in a beer garden and caught some rays.

I’m back in the North East now and arrived to gross foggy weather, so I’m praying that the sun starts shining in England soon. I actually got a tan in Isle of Man, and leaving the island behind in all its sun-drenched glory was that little bit harder than when it’s pouring down.

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