February Favourite Things

 Time for my monthly love and lust list! February has flown, and I’ll post my monthly highlights soon, so be sure to subscribe if you’re interested in reading about what a typical month looks like in Dubai.

FYI there are NO sickening Valentine’s gifts in this post. But I hope you were all spoiled, whether by a partner, your best mate or your mum. I’ve actually never spent Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend, because my uni girlfriends organised a Galentines reunion on the 14th of February for the past two years, and this year I umm… moved 5000 miles away from him.

Can’t really complain about not getting a Michael Kors/Pandora/Lush gift set/whatever boyfriends bought their girlfriends this year, really.

Here’s a few of the things I loved in February.

February favourites

Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream

Clinique Pep-start eye cream eview

When I first started using this I wasn’t hugely impressed (as I mentioned in my post about my most loved beauty products), and I figured I’d go straight back to my trusty Clinique All About Eyes when I finished the tube, but now that the tube is finished I’m sold. I really feel like applying this daily in the morning and evening has at least made the skin around my eyes feel fresher. And I just entered the wrong side of 25, so I’ll take what I can get. I’m now on the last scraps of a cut-open tube like some kind of wartime hero, and I’ll be repurchasing next time I hit Duty Free.

Get it here

NYX Lid Tint in shade 01


I’m crap at eye make-up but I love that gold/bronze shimmery look so I picked this up in Dubai Mall one evening when I was feeling optimistic about my abilities. It’s SO easy to use and gives the perfect, low-maintenance look. I just apply a bit of chocolate brown eyeshadow to my crease then pat a bit of this onto the centre of my lid and blend. Voila.

Get it here

Thai Taste’s Curry Kits

Thai taste review

I’ve been craving Thai food recently and missed my fave Thai restaurant in Sunderland. I don’t tend to cook Thai cuisine at home because it always seems like you need about 1000 ingredients per dish, so I was very pleased to be sent some Thai Taste kits to test. It’s vegan friendly, but we added prawns and chicken and it was de-lish. It took me right back to the Thai cooking class Tom and I did a few years ago in Chiang Mai!


New Quay Australia sunnies

Quay Australia pink sunglasses

You know when you go shopping and you’re totally in the mood to buy yourself a new outfit and you actually have the money, and then you get to the shops and everything just looks gross on you? I had one of those days recently. Fortunately, eyes don’t have fat days (neither do feet or hands), so you can always spend those pennies that are burning a whole in your pocket on accessories. I treated myself to these Quay Australia sunglasses, deciding that I was 25 and I’d spent too long buying chic but boring shades of black and grey when what I really wanted was something out there.

Get them here

My new brunch dress

Missguided lilac bardot dress

Ok, if I told you I was wearing a lilac dress to brunch, you’d probably vom and uninvite me. But I loved this dress! Can someone get married or invite me to an event that requires demure, sophisticated clothing so I have the excuse to wear this again? I’ve linked it, plus a few similar ones that I’m now lusting after, below.


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