Edinburgh Uni Bucket List

Uni of Edinburgh Bucket List

Week 9 of our last year at University of Edinburgh is fast approaching and we’re all drowning in dissertations and deadlines, so it’s sometimes necessary to step outside the library and remember what we all love about Scotland’s capital. The past four years have been a blur of student life; late nights and snoozing in seminars, but I feel so lucky to have had my university experience in such a vibrant city.

From  trekking up Arthur’s Seat in first year to ward off our hangovers after a big night in Why Not to sipping mulled wine at the German Christmas Markets and going home after one pint in Teviot like the civilised fourth year students we are, Edinburgh has been the best backdrop I could imagine. However, with dissertation meetings comes graduation, meaning the student bubble I have been living in is about to pop, spitting me back out into the big wide world. As we vocalised our fears about the future on the brisk midnight walk home from the library the other night, we talked about all the things we want to do before we graduate.

These are things we’ve always said we’ll do, but deadlines and other false commitments have gotten in the way. I’ve comprised a university bucket list that doesn’t involve sex in the main library. Some of my targets are Edinburgh based, some are student rites of passage. While ancient Uni of Ed superstitions keep students out of the castle if they want to make it to graduation, there are a few things I want to take advantage of before I leave my favourite city.

  1. Calton Hill for sunrise – beers, blankets and friends
  2. A Trip to the highlands – to go sledging and get drunk
  3. Complete The Rose Street Challenge – every Edinburgh student’s rite of passage, a drink in every bar
  4. Get involved with a university society – seriously, what did I do with all that delicious free time in first year?
  5. Go to a dance class – take advantage of student prices!
  6. Have a Huge night out in Glasgow – it’s so close!
  7. Write for the student newspaper – it’s really time I started being more proactive.
  8. Stay in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival – Ok, this is after graduation but I’m excited to see Edinburgh come alive!
  9. Session in Newcastle – We have a lot of Geordie friends
  10. Graduate!

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