What To Buy The Girl Who Travels

The festive season is upon us and it’s the perfect excuse to be more excited about everything than usual, inhale your body weight in Quality Street and reignite your annual month-long affair with Baileys. Have you started your shopping yet? If you missed the Black Friday sales (lol when did we all get so American?) and need to start working your way through your Christmas shopping list, I’m here to help.

We all know a girl who travels. A girl who’s never there, or if she is – she’s dreaming she was far, far away. It might be your girlfriend, your sister, your mate or a female colleague you’ve got for secret santa. However you know her, you do know one. You can spot us a mile off. We’ve got fraying clothes and we’re pretty good at sneaking our own booze into events because we’d rather spend our money on travel.

There’s something in this gift guide for every budget and I can guarantee that your GWW (Girl With Wanderlust) will thank you if she unwraps any of these little travel themed treats. I personally would be thrilled with any of this haul.

There’s cute travel inspired jewellery, household items and more accessories featuring travel quotes, world maps or other dreamy icons so she can show the world her passion as she explores. I’ve included notebooks and diaries where she can jot down her bucket list and also added some functional gifts like weekend travel bags, a pretty snazzy camera bag and a portable speaker, so she can dance to the beat of her own tune wherever she is. Oh, and  a hot pink version of every travel girl’s must-have item: the versatile pashmina.

You can now stop stressing about what to buy your experience-hungry girl for Christmas and relax in the knowledge that I, a fellow female wanderer, have got you covered.

And girls – feel free to send this someone’s way who *might* need a few hints this year….

What to buy the girl who loves travel

Ladies, which items are you lusting after? I’m going to be updating this gift guide regularly when items sell out so holla at me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if you’re struggling to get hold of anything.