April Love and Lust List

This month’s favourites

April Love and Lust list - While I'm Young and Skinny

OK, so there was no March Love and Lust List because I was having all the fun in Dubai and forgot to do one. Someone inbox the blog police. Anyway, the Love and Lust list series is a monthly round-up of the things I’m obsessed with at the present moment and last month I was a bit too obsessed with lying on the beach and neglecting my self-enforced responsibilities in life, apparently.  

This month, however, it’s back with a bumper post (lol who says bumper, I feel like an issue of Smash Hits circa 1998) compiling my pre-summer favourites. There’s some serious eye candy for Spring! Can you believe summer is just around the corner? I’m getting really nervous about how hot and sweaty and oh my god someone save me from this hell Dubai is going to be. Although, I think my fellow expats’ warnings have set my expectations so high on the thermometer that July might actually roll around and I’ll be like, b*tch please, and then I’ll go lay on the beach and frazzle with the other staunch British idiots.

I’ve now hit the three month mark in my Dubai experience and that means one thing. My staff travel discount has come into effect! I’m packing for Budapest right now and trying to find clothes that aren’t either beachwear or office wear in my wardrobe is proving quite a task.

I’ve always wanted to visit Budapest and eat chimney cake and lounge in the iconic baths at sunset, so I had it lined up on my city hit list as soon as I got my new job at the airline. What I didn’t know when I planned this trip though, was that the weekend after is a long weekend in the UAE. I may just have to go on another adventure then. Well, it’d be a shame to waste those staff perks…

Here are my pre-summer favourites. If any of them just HAPPEN to slip into your shopping cart next to Beyonce’s entire Ivy Park range, I will not be held responsible…

1. Neal’s Yard Vitamin E & Avocado Night Cream

I got a sample of this at a blogging event a few months back and lashed it on the other night before bed. It made my skin feel so soft and I’m not surprised. Avocado in face cream form? My inner basic loves it.

Buy it here for £21.50

2. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation 

I just used my last drop and I already miss the glow this hider of skin sins gave me. I rarely buy a foundation twice, but I’ll be coming back for more of this one.

Buy it here for £26.50

3. Bvlgari Sunglasses

I broke my trusty Ralph Laurens (not that trusty, I’d only had them since Cuba last summer) and had to buy a cheap pair of sunnies to see me through until I can snap up these bad boys in duty free.

Buy them here for a casual £246

4. Nails Inc. Nail Pure Nail Polish in Montpelier

Upgrading the classic nude nail and adding a touch of rose. I just got my nails done in this exact colour at a tiny salon full of Filipino ladies singing Whitney Houston while they worked. An odd experience, but fun.

Buy it here for £14

5. Strappy Wedge Sandals

These tan wedges will be perfect for tottering around one of Dubai’s lavish beach clubs with a drink in my hand this summer.

Buy them here for £69

6. Nars Cosmetics Body Glow Oil

We all look 105% better with a golden glow and this body oil makes me feel like J Lo when she wore that fur coat for Jenny on the Block.

Buy it here for £44

7. Palm orange WEEKEND Collection by John Lewis Raffia tote bag

Orange? Check. Palm print? Check. This beach bag is ideal for tropical climes – or even just a weekend break some where that isn’t home.

Buy it here for £32

8. Mango embroidered clutch

A clutch bag that’s guaranteed to attract attention.

Buy it here for £29.99

9. Lauren Ralph Lauren 3/4 sleeve striped pyjama set

I just started following Rosie from The Londoner blog on Snapchat and the silky pyjamas she’s been wearing in her Italy updates are making me think maybe I need these in my life for my own lounge days. If you don’t follow Rosie, you definitely should.

Buy them here in blue or pink for £110

10. Copper metallic notebooks

COPPER. NOTEBOOKS. Like I need to say anything else. Need for writing down my secrets, planning my one-day business and posing at coffee shops so everyone knows I have important thoughts.

Buy them here for £16 

Thomas Sabo rings

I bought myself a Thomas Sabo ring as a kind of symbol of my independence when I was waiting to board my flight to Dubai three months ago and I haven’t taken it off. I’ve got my eyes on these three at the minute and just wish I had more than ten fingers so I could wear the whole collection at once.

11. Secret Of Cosmo Pink Corundum Ring £159

12. Sparkling Circles Pave Rose Gold Ring £125

13. Fatima’s Garden Drop Stacking Ring £70

14. Dune floppy straw hat

Nothing says I don’t give a sh*t what you think of me ’cause I think plenty of myself like a big floppy hat. Perfect for beach days after those drunken summer nights, when you need to look glam but you’re severely hungover and still have last night’s mascara chilling out on your cheeks.

Buy it here for£30

15. Yellow pleated midi skirt

Because it’s impossible to feel sad when you’re swishing around in a skirt the colour of buttercups.

Buy it here for £79

16. Ted Baker cropped bardot top

Every girl should have a decent white crop top in her wardrobe. I’m a huge fan of a loud skirt or shorts with a plain white top.

Buy it here for £89

17. Ivory Mint Velvet broderie shirt dress

Mint Velvet have a beautiful dress collection and this ivory broderie dress is the perfect balance of cutesie and cool.

Buy it here for £109

18. Nude bandeau jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are the ultimate lazy girl go-to for a night out and the cut of this nude number is super flattering.

Buy it here for £55

19. Seafolly Oaxaca Beach Towel

You might not be at Coachella, but you can always spread this hip circular beach towel out on the lawn and pretend. Instagram won’t know, I promise.

Buy it here for £65

What are your pre-summer favourites? Have you bagged yourself any of these? Let me know in the comments!

See ya when I get back from Budapest and in the meantime, follow me on Instagram, Snapchat (dannielle-lily), Facebook and Twitter for updates.