Why I’m doing it all, While I’m young and skinny(ish)

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Me being cute on Bondi Beach

Me being cute on Bondi Beach

My name is Dannielle and I love travelling, writing, and drinking. While I’m Young combines all three. I live in North East England.

This blog used to be called While I’m Young and Skinny – you can read why I changed it here.

While I’m Young is about the pursuit of experiences. I write for the twenty somethings who aren’t quite buying what the world is selling.

We’re the ones living off a tenner a week to fund our next adventure. The ones with backpacks that are never fully unpacked, the ones who treasure their passports more than any Prada handbag. Is Prada still a thing?

If it entertains or inspires anyone then I consider this blog successful. Behind all of my writing is the persistent, niggling idea that life is short, and for most people, youth is the only time where we can explore and change our minds, our locations, our selves. While we’re young and skinny is the time to follow our dreams.

Yet youth is also the time we must pursue our path in life and hopefully find a career that fulfills us. Or at least, doesn’t make us dream about getting hit by a car just so we can have a few days off. That’s why I  moved to Dubai for 14 months to pursue both my career AND travel goals.

I live my a life filled with intention and if you’ve ever looked up from your screen and found yourself thinking, “Surely there must be more to life than this”, you’ve come to the right place. I share tales about how I balance travel with my career and everything that goes along with that.

I would rather die of wear and tear than rust.

I want to do and see and experience it ALL. I want to live in South Africa and Australia and maybe Canada and California except I’ve never been there. I also want to teach English abroad and speak Spanish fluently and be a nomad and live in one of those self-sufficient communes and eat all the carbs in Italy and work on a vineyard and travel in South America and study law and learn everything there is to know and read all of the books ever written and be a yoga teacher and work as an Au Pair for a bit and be a chef and be a dancer and never go back to Isle of Man, where I spent the first eighteen years of my life.

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