19 Things That Only Happen In A Student Flat

Your uni years of living in a cold, damp student flat with a bunch of other pretty young things are unique in the oddest of ways. You might live with other young professionals as a graduate; but without the lack of money, the impending doom of deadlines and the call of £4 Quaddy Voddies in the SU, shared housing just isn’t the same as living in a student flat.

Whether you were thrown together by the uni accommodation service or sought each other out and bonded over your mutual hatred of everyone else on campus, your university flatmates are hugely influential in shaping you.

When you move on from your uni flatmates, you’ll miss all the little things that culminate to comprise this unique bond you will always have. It’s a bond founded on supporting and witnessing each other’s years of finding an identity away from the one you left in your hometown, being skint, and making serious errors in judgement.

The all nighters in the library and the STI scares would have been devastating if they hadn’t been experienced together.

Living in a student flat


Things you’ll always miss about living in a student flat

  1. Trying to have an early night then getting FOMO when you hear everyone convene in the kitchen at midnight. Four hours later, you’re still sat around the table nursing cold tea, talking about first year and your lives before uni and your workload and the dirty dishes and what the hell is coming next.
  2. Bailing on nights out with your other friends because it’s just too much effort to leave your cosy bubble and your housemates provide all the entertainment you need anyway. Instead, you stay home to drink leftover cherry brandy (who the f*ck brought that round?) and eat an entire loaf because you don’t have to change out of your pajamas to do that.
  3. Bursting into each other’s rooms to complain about everything and tell them why you’re in a mood today or how excited you are to get drunk when your essay is finally handed in.
  4. Having ‘no life’ for weeks on end thanks to your empty bank accounts and pitiful dissertations, then going all-out when student loan day or deadline day comes.
  5. Stumbling into the kitchen the morning after a party, unsure who remembers what or why there is a strange boy on the sofa and a condom on the hallway floor.
  6. Hangover days where you watch Storage Wars for 4 hours straight, binge eating pizza in last night’s clothes and sticking to the floor when you get up to puke.
  7. Needy texts asking when they are coming home. Courtesy texts asking if you can borrow an onion when it’s already chopped. Sneaky texts asking if you can retrieve that top they borrowed last week from their room when you’ve already ransacked their wardrobe for it.
  8. Fire alarms. All day every day.
  9. Finding each other crying, or finding each other on the floor next to their bedroom window, drunk and laughing uncontrollably because they forgot their keys when they left for the bar so tried to climb through the window.
  10. The pure rage when one of you had to stay home working on an essay and the others come in at 4am and begin an elaborate game which involves everyone rushing to jump in a half full bathtub when a King is drawn from the pack of cards, then being guilty of doing the exact same thing when it’s your turn.
  11. Shouting ‘boy or girl?’ when there’s a knock at your door because  you’re in tights and a bra trying to find an outfit for the library.
  12. Taking it in turns to wear that one top that it has been mutually agreed has the perfect amount of side boob on everyone.
  13. Making the boys validate your outfit choice before you go out, then bitterly overthrowing them when they express an opinion about it you didn’t want to hear.
  14. Your housemates’ friends from home becoming your friends for life.
  15. A text that says ‘the kitchen is flooded and we have no electricity’ the night before your dissertation deadline.
  16. Nominating somebody to make the tea, then hounding them until they cave.
  17. ‘I got us mayonnaise’ being the best news you’ve heard all day.
  18. All of the light bulbs blowing one by one around 4 months in to your lease and spending the remainder of the year navigating your way around in the dark.
  19. Being so excited to go home, then so excited to come back to your uni family.

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