Hello 25! I’ve been this girl for a quarter of a century. But like, HOW? In my head, it was only last year that I was downing Cherry Lambrini in the woods, with cobalt blue eyeliner… View Post

If you’ve been following my life in Dubai for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to ten different countries in the past twelve months. I took the majority of these trips… View Post

Hi loves! How did Dry January treat ya? I swear I was the only person not doing it! Even though my birthday is in January, it’s my least favourite month of the year. So why… View Post

Oh hi 2017! I know the first month is almost over, but I can’t get to grips with the fact it’s 2017. I swear 2007 was like five minutes ago, and now I’m 25 and the… View Post

McGettigans is hugely popular among expats in Dubai, mainly thanks to its home-away-from-home feel, live sports events and good craic. The Irish chain have bars dotted around the world, including Singapore and New York. There are… View Post